Keemar Keemar


I have been working as a counsellor & psychotherapist since 1993. My professional journey has taken me on a long and rich path of experience with diverse and inspiring clients. I have in excess of 20,000 hours experience in this profession; including supervising other professionals and students, educating hours, both brief and long term counselling, group work, team and organisational development.

I have worked in or managed Services in a variety of settings including the National Health Service, University Counselling Service; the Voluntary, Hospice, Prison and Youth Sector’s and in Independent practice.

I have been educating Counsellors & Psychotherapists since 2000 (
I am an Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and I am Registered on the UK Government voluntary professional register. I am accountable to their Ethical Framework and Professional Conduct Procedure.

My passion is for experiential learning and environments that facilitate and support that process. The Equine Assisted Psychotherapy process does just that; I have found it the most powerful experience of experiential learning and psychotherapeutic growth that I have yet experienced and this is why I decided to train in the approach. The equine collaboration brings a unique dimension to the therapeutic encounter; the equine is a clear and unadulterated reflection of the internal world of the person of the client. As a client you can see and experience yourself clearly through your interactions with the equine/s in the team and you can choose what and how much you share with the people in the team. What is important is that you will be changed by the experience.

Professional Qualifications:
Diploma Counselling – Metanoia Institute – 1998
Certificate Training – Temenos Education Ltd – 2000
Diploma Supervision – Institute for Person-Centred Learning – 2001
Diploma Mediation – Conflict Management Plus – 2003
Certified Equine Assisted
Psychotherapist – EAGALA – 2015

Professional Affiliations:
BACP – Accredited Counsellor – 513374 – 2003
BACP – Registered Counsellor – 013817 – 2014
Chair – London NHS Staff Counsellor Forum – 2005-2010
EAGALA – Equine Assisted Mental Health Professional – 2015

The Person-Centred Approach: A Contemporary Introduction, 2004
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Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire UK, 2004
Person-centred Expressive Arts Therapy: A theoretical encounter, 2012
Embleton Tudor L, Keemar K, Rogers N, Tudor K.
Person-Centred & Experiential Psychotherapies
Volume 11, Issue 1, Routledge 2012

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