Kathryn Morris-Roberts (Psychotherapist)


I am a UCKP accredited Gestalt Psychotherapist working in private practice in Nottingham and for a variety of different organisations.

I offer individual Psychotherapy, group training/workshops, as well as co-facilitate, individual and group, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) with Alexandra Graves at Two Ash Stables. I’m also an artist, I paint using an embodied creative process. (see www.embodiedheart.wordpress.com).

Prior to becoming a Psychotherapist I worked for over fifteen years across education, research, health and voluntary organisations in the field of sexual health, sexuality and emotional, health and wellbeing support. I have developed a specialism working with young people and adults who have experienced complex relational trauma. I trained to become a Psychotherapist because I felt and continue to feel passionate about providing good quality relational psychotherapy to clients who traditionally may not be able to access such support and experiences.  My core modality is relational Gestalt but I also attend a variety of continuing professional development trainings, as well as my own psychotherapy and clinical supervision that continues to inform my praxis with clients.

I have a variety of academic qualifications including a PhD (Sheffield University), which I gained after completing an ethnography of young women’s friendship groups.  I also have an undergraduate degree in Geography and German, a Masters in Social Geography, a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (Sheffield University) and an MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy from the Sherwood Institute of Psychotherapy (Birmingham University).

So why horses? In 2012 I was asked to co-facilitate a young women’s equine facilitated learning group.  I felt a mixture of terror and excitement.  I had lovely early memories of donkey and horse rides but then I became frightened and avoided horses for a couple of decades. Now I have experienced and witnessed first hand how healing and challenging relational contact with horses can be.  So now not only do I get to spend time outside experiencing the elements but I also get to co-facilitate what is often profound contact between humans and horses.  The horses have an amazing ability to be in the ‘here and now’ making real what needs to happen, as well as offering guidance for healing to take place.

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